Permacultura Penyaflor

Discover permaculture with Permacultura Penyaflor

The place, the people and the project

It is a center for experimentation and training in permaculture, in a farm of 5.5 hectares of olive trees (Sevillenca, Morruda and Aldover aracada varieties), carob trees, fig trees and almond trees, abandoned for about 30 years, along a deep wild torrent with ephemeral river, in the municipality of Aldover, near Tortosa (southern Catalonia).

It seeks food, social, environmental and economic resilience, producing the maximum of our consumption and sharing our learning, spaces and surpluses. We try to respect all beings and the earth, share time and resources, live in simplicity and learn to use fewer resources.

Cecile, with the help of all the persons that comes to participate in this project, takes care of her land since spring 2015.

For the moment we have 2 cats, 1 female dog and some chickens. We had bees for some time and we are preparing to host some donkeys and sheeps some day, while planting gardens, a food forest.

There is the main house, with two bedrooms, the kitchen, a bathroom and an activity room. There is also an other small house/bed room at 100m, a caravan and a yurt that are livable and a green pool with fishes and plants.

We restaured part of the building the firts years and now (end of 2020) begins a new phase of construction of a dry toilet, a bathroom for the small house and a warehouse, all in bioconstruction.

Doors of Penyaflor are open for incorporation of new members in the comunity.

We already propose

Stays of volunteering (wwoof, workaway) or practice /internship

Activities, trainings, courses and events around permaculture: See Agenda

Farm products (oil, almonds, olives, dried herbs, handcraft…)

Thematic tours in the region (hiking in nature, bio construction, permaculture projects, organic agriculture, art, sport/adventure or historic tours …)

Workshops on demand (introduction to permaculture, compost, wormcompost, bugs hotels, drying fruits and vegetables, handcraft with vegetal fibers, bio construction, networks, ecosystems, …)

And in the future, we want to offer a tourism accommodation option with a low ecological footprint.


  • Activities of the project, green pool or river swim, reading, yoga, … (0km)
  • Thematic tours in the region (hiking in nature, bioconstruction, permaculture projects, organic agriculture, art, sportive or historic tours …) or artisanal workshops organisable on demand.
  • Bike ways: Green Way of the Zafan Val (5 km) and Dry Canal Xerta-Senia (0 km)
  • Climbing routes and via ferrata (3 km)
  • Walks, rides and baths on the Natural Park of the Ports (from 1 km)
  • Kayaying by the river Ebro (10 km)
  • Excursions to the Ebro Delta Natural park, by bus/bike (25 km)
  • all what to do around
  • The sea, reachable by train (L’Ampolla, l’Ametlla de mar) or by bus (Sant Carles de la Rapita) (25-30 km).
  • Tarragona (95km), Barcelona (186 km), Valencia (202 km)